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At our place you become Superman!

Of course you should experience the feeling of flying! We have different packages for families and friends, small and large groups, companies and bachelo parties who are looking for an adventure.
For skydivers we offer tunnel time with excellent coaching. No matter what experience or level you are at, you will be taken good care of by our experienced instructors.


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Fly and Stay

You can’t JUST do fun and exciting things while visting Voss – you’ll need to sleep too!
For a package price you can fly like Superman at VossVind and combine it with a relaxing stay at Voss Resort!

When you purchase the «Fly & Stay» package deal you’ll get a discount on both flytime and accommodation. Please note that you will not get the discounted package price if booked separately.

Family package, small
2 adults + 2 children*
Accommodation in a cabin at Voss Resort
10 min flying at Voss Vind
Family package, large
2 adults + 3 children*
Accommodation in a cabin at Voss Resort
15 min flying at Voss Vind
Individual packages
Minimum 4 people
/Fra /Person
Overnatting i hytte ei natt hjå Voss Resort
2 x 1,5 min hjå Voss Vind
Teambuilding package with Vossamoro
Varighet, ca 2 timar
Lag på 7 – 9 deltakara
7 kjekke øvingar
Aking, miniski, øksekasting, egghyving
Stafett med opp-ned briller
2 x 1,5 min hjå Voss Vind
Varighet, ca 1,5 - 2 timar
Passer perfekt til firma og grupper
Trygt og sikkert
Premiering av vinnarlaget
Må vera minimum 155 cm høg
2 x 1,5 min hjå Voss Vind

We can arrange a competition in the wind tunnel. The main person flies 4 x 2 min to learn how to fly to get control. On the fifth time in the tunnel, you spell a word with touching letters we have attached to the wall. You choose this word yourselves, perhaps a hint of where you are going to next?

Som sett på 71 grader nord
4 x 2 minutter øving i vindtunnel
Stav et selvvalgt ord så raskt som mulig
og svar
La brura fly fritt litt!
La brudgommen flaksa før han sit i saksa!
kombiner det faglege med det sosiale
på ein og same stad.