What is the age limit for flying?
Minimum 5 years old. The oldest person who has flown with us is 102 years.

What do I need to fly?
The only thing you’ll need are sneakers, or other lightweight shoes you can tighten up easily. We will provide fly suit, helmet, goggles and earplugs.

Can we come to just look and not fly?
Yes, of course you can. The wind tunnel and anti-chamber (which is sort of the waiting room) is made from glass, so you’ll have a nice view of everyone flying.

Can we film/photograph each other flying?
You cannot bring any loose items into the tunnel or anti-chamber, so if you are flying together in the same group you cannot film/photograph each other.

However, if you have friends/family joining you that are not flying – they can of course film/photograph as much as their hearts desires!

We do sell film/photos taken by our instructors as well, and we can send these to you digitally.

Can you accommodate larger groups?
We absolutely can! Groups of all sizes are welcome to come fly with us!
Please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Can we fly together in the wind tunnel?
As a first timer, you will need to fly one-on-one with the instructor.
However, once you’ve flown enough times and is approved as a Pro-Flyer by an instructor – then you can fly together in the tunnel.

What is a Pro-Flyer?
Anyone can become a Pro-Flyer. To become one, you need to be able to do a few things unassisted (enter and exit the tunnel, fly up and down, from side to side, back and forth on your belly).

Our instructors are the ones who approve you to become a Pro-Flyer, so if this is your goal we recommend you to inform your instructor of this ahead of flying.

How long it takes to get approved, will naturally vary from person to person, but with 10-15 minutes fly time you are well on your way – if not all the way there!

Can I as a student buy giftcards at student price for someone who is not a student?
No, the person flying needs to be a student to be eligible for the student discount, and they will also need to bring valid student ID.