Groups & Companies
Groups and Companies

Day meeting package

At VossVind you can combine the professional business with social activities

We can host your clientele meetings, staff meetings, team building, conferences and more. Combine your business with soaring the wind for a perfect company outing! We have two adjoining meeting rooms that can be merged into one big room with capacity for 25 people.

  • Day meetings
  • Conferences
  • Clientele meetings
  • Staff trips
  • Kick-offs
  • Leader meetings

Included in the day meeting package is meeting room with tech equipment, homemade lunch w/coffee and dessert, free coffee/tea refills as well as tunnel flying.

Price NOK 1350 per person


We have meeting rooms for small groups and up to 25 people

We have two adjoining meeting rooms that can be merged into one big room.  You choose the setup you will need, and we’ll arrange it. The meeting rooms has all facilities like projector, TV, music system and flip over.


We offer business packages as seen below. For bigger groups we can also arrange flying outside the normal opening hours.

These packages include instructions, gear rental and an instructor.


Number of persons

Small package

(2 flights x 1,5 minutes p.p)

For those who want to try indoor skydiving and experience the sensation of flying.

Medium package

(4 fligths x 1,5 minutes p.p)

Our recommended package

that gives you more time to

enjoy flying and will perhaps

allow you to fly all by yourself!

Large package (6 flights x 1,5 minutes p.p)

Our premium package is for those

who really want to master their flying. How about ending your

session with a competition against eachother?*


825 kr/person

1365 kr/person

1850 kr/person


805 kr/person

1330 kr/person

1805 kr/person


785 kr/person

1295 kr/person

1755 kr/person


765 kr/person

1260 kr/person

1710 kr/person


745 kr/person

1225 kr/person

1665 kr/ person

*When flying a large package, people will have enough controll to fly and manuver to compete. We 

have multiple different playfull competitions that we can arrange for you and your group. Ask us for 

more information and possibilites. 


We can plan and tailor your whole trip to your needs – overnight stay, food, other activities and transport. Upon request we can also book an exciting speaker for your meeting – for example Aleksander Gamme (adventurer), Karina Hollekim (freestyle skier and BASE jumper), Espen Fadnes (elite BASE jumper) or our own Kari Traa?

We can facilitate the whole trip based on your wishes and needs!