Bachelor party

Lift the celebration

To fly in the tunnel is a great and safe suprise for both the groom and the bride.

Here is a few examples on what we can do:

  • Give a large or medium package to the main person, and the basic package to the rest of you. That way everyone can take part of the fun!
  • Buy the “free fall package” that includes 3×2 min in the tunnel and a tandem skydive outside! (sesason: summer)
  • Have everyone join a “wind and water package”. This includes flying, warm lunch and rafting. (season: spring, summer, fall).
  • We can arrange a competition in the wind tunnel. The main person flies 4 x 2 min to learn how to fly to get control. On the fifth time in the tunnel, you spell a word with touching letters we have attached to the wall. You choose this word yourselves, perhaps a hint of where you are going to next?

Only the sky is limit! We can help you organise your whole trip.