Tunnel instructor course at VossVind 05.06.2023-18.06.2023

Get Tunnel Instructor training and examination with Barton Hardie, chief instructor and Tunnel Instructor examiner.          

The course is a training toward examination for Tunnel Instructor (TI) Organization spotter A certification.

There are two leading organizations worlwide recognised in the industry: in Europe, Tunnel Instructor Org. (TI) and in North America, the International Bodyflight Association (IBA). They both certify instructor skills levels. There have different levels of ratings.

TI organisation developped courses and certifications based on shared safety standards across facilities in the industry. TI organization’s procedures guarantee that the best practices are followed and the highest safety standards are met.

You can read about TI rating system here: https://www.tunnelinstructor.com/course-material/general/ti-star-rating-system/.

Aim of the course :

Spotter A rating examination. Spotter A is the first TI level. It opens the possibility to drive tunnels and instruct new beginners (brief, fly, debrief).

Course pre-requisite :

Course content :

There will be theory, training and examination. The course will be in english. The course will be 10 full days over 2 weeks. The course is a group course. It involves lots of shared flying time. There is a combination of 1 on 1, 1 on 2 and group training, role playing (new beginner, instructor). It is therefore rather difficult to say with exactitude the total flying time per person. Typically instructor training takes at least 10 hours of air time. The course covers the following :

  • Basic driving instructions. Instructor/driver communication. The driver is the person operating the tunnel while flyers are inside.
  • Preparing and briefing classes. Debriefing.
  • Spotting new beginners. It involves lots of walking therefore lots of training for walking in the wind. The course includes briefings and debriefings of each training session in the tunnel.
  • Basic tunnel maintenance knowledge
  • Emergency procedures, safety checks.

The course is physically intense. Participants have to be ready to give 100% of their mental and physical energy and focus to it.

Examination :

The examination is in multiple steps. The course is very structured and progressive about skills learning, practice and assimilation. The final steps are taking care of pretended new beginners and finally taking care of real new beginners. Pass is safety and ability to fly new beginners.

What happened if exam is failed at the end of the 2 weeks course:

The content and time of the course is based on the TI typical learning process.

Know that VossVind wish to have a 100% successful course. All the effort for it will be given. Barton Hardie is VossVind head instructor and is a certified TI examiner. Each participants will be given full content and required training.

Some people may need some additional training time. If they are motivated, it is possible to get additional training time at the cost of 6 900 nok per hour. The necessary amount is then very variable. Passing the examination garantee and certified that you are a up to level Spotter A TI instructor.

Be aware that some people may not pass.

What to do with A Spotter rating:

You could do the course for the pleasure of learning the instructor skills.Most of participants aim to use their rating to work in a tunnel as intructor. To find a job we advise you to apply in the multiple tunnels. They are many in the world now. Reach to the already opened ones and the ones in construction. Be aware that there is no current open position at VossVind.

Cost of the course:

69 000 nok.

Contact person :

Delphine Huet – 95 46 46 07 – delphine@vossvind.no