VossVind Ragnarok

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Welcome to VossVind Ragnarok! This years windtunnel competition comes in a new format, where teams and individuals competes and battles against each other in a tournament competition.🤩🌪️There will be battles/tournament in the following disciplines:
– FS 4-way 
– Freestyle open (“Fly off”)
– Dynamic 2-way (speed rounds & free routine)
– Dynamic 4- way (speed rounds only)
– Freefly / VFS 2-way
-VFS 4- way

All of the disciplines above will have qualification rounds, followed with tournament rounds. Total number of rounds depends on the number of teams.In addition there will be a freestyle intermediate competition, as well as a kids competition (2-way FS with pre-drawn rounds).Bulletin: https://www.dropbox.com/…/VV-Ragnarok-Bulletin%201.pdf…

Pre-registration (discounted) opens 10th of August, and closes 30th of September.Deadline for final submission: October 31st, 2022There is a limited number of slots per discipline.

See you at Voss! 😎

VossVind Ragnarok